Project: RIOT Games League of Legend European Championship Summer 2022.
Client: RIOT Games Germany
Lead Agencies: Jack Morton Germany / Battle Royal Studios
Show Director: Andy Machals
Director: Jack Schneider

Lead Agency: Jack Morton Germany⁠
Creative Agency: Battle Royal Studios
Managing Director – Jens Mayer
VP⁠ Director of Operations – Dino Celjo⁠⁠

Special thanks to @freaks4ugaming and @niyu.⁠

Concept and Creative Production: Battle Royal Studios⁠
Executive Creative Director – @brendan_shelper
Show Director & Creative Producer – @andymachals
Creative Consultants – @buckelsjonathan, @michael.masberg
Stage Director – @deniswe
Choreographer – @ini_hanfmann
Show Caller – @konstanzeagatz
Ceremony Stage Manager – Rebecca Bryant⁠
Renders & Visualisations – @xevi_venan
Technical Concept & Lighting Advisor – @optikalusion
Singer Stand-in – Lea Reiß⁠

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