Framing Artistic Processes

Creating with Empathy

When giving artistic practices their room to ‚do their magic‘, we can maintain and develop the show’s message, which is, by choice or accident, to enlighten and even to endorse critique in subtle ways and yet provide pleasure at the same time.

Show production is not just about realising a writer/director’s vision, but about applying modern leadership strategies to steer the project across the boundaries of production and creation within all the involved creative departments.

The English word ‘entertainment’ derives from the French word entretenir, which means to maintain, keep or keep up. —Jim Davis

Because a show’s message can be rendered differently across all involved practices — whether visual, physical through time and movement, through technological excellence, or dramaturgical tricks; queer, ethnic, or vernacular — as a facilitator for creation, I am trying to tickle out a variety of views, of standpoints, or ways of doing. This may start at scratching on the various surfaces of pop culture to looking at us in profoundly queer ways of thinking. What the audience will see are images coming to life before their eyes; what they will feel is the matter of entire worlds.

To break the limits of what we think can entertain us. Through artistic practice, let’s find the potential to entertain in everything.