Riot Games LEC 2022

For the opening ceremony of the League of Legends European Championship @lecofficial 2022 in Malmö, Battle Royal Studios designed an arena-sized kinetic stage, creative produced a show for a 16-piece orchestra, devised the entry for the 10 players, and staged the singer @cassyette (the voice of the @leagueoflegends season’s anthem “Awakened”).

I acted as show director and show consultant, working closely with the creative teams at Riot Games Germany.


Creating the Opening Ceremony for an European Esports Championship.

  • Strategy

    Creative Production, Show Direction, Show Consulting.

  • Design

    Space and Performance Design.

  • Client

    Jack Morton Germany / Battle Royal Studios / RIOT Games Germany.

⬤ 01. Achievements

Adding coolness and determination,
we re-defined how RIOT’s European
League celebrates their season,
finalists, and fans.

⬤ 02. Services

A fluid production pipeline
combining design with performance

I reflected on this show production over at Battle Royal Studio’s blog. Check it out and learn more about the creative and direction approaches.

  • Creative production to produce a concept for the Opening Ceremony, to produce and see through with vendors the stage design for the Opening Ceremony Stage. Establish a production pipeline for the Opening Ceremony.
  • Creative Production for the Musical Score, produced by Michael Pitman and Richard Thomson.
  • Show Direction for the Opening Ceremony, Team Shot, and Closing Ceremony.
  • Show Consultancy Services for all aspects regarding show and stage design, performance elements, sound and lighting design.
⬤ 03. Design and production

From idea to sketch to live moment,
changing the ways we celebrate
exceptional ideas on stage.


It’s been an absolute pleasure to show direct the LEC’s post-pandemic awakening in League of Legend’s „Land of the Midnight Sun“ for Jack Morton Germany, Battle Royal Studios, and Riot Games Germany.


Jack Morton Germany
Lead Agency

Battle Royal Studios
Creative Agency


Technical Production

Concept & Creative

Tamara Bischoff
Show Producer, Riot Games Germany

Brendan Shelper
Executive Creative Director

Andy Machals
Show Director & Creative Producer

Jon Buckels, Michael Masberg
Creative Consultants

Denis We, Ini Hanfmann
Stage Directors

Konstanze Agaz-Kröger
Show Caller

Rebecca Bryant
Ceremony Stage Manager

Creative Production

Björn Höschler
Lighting Design

Wolfgang Krämer
Lighting Programmer

Xevi Venan
Renders & Visualisations

Chris Moylan
Technical Concept & Lighting Advisor

Images by Andy Machals, Chris Moylan, Kirill Bashkirov, Michal Konkol, Wojciech Wandzel.


Live Show Off The Scale

And i saw this live. It was freaking insane.



Player Intros

The way they did the player intros was really cool this time imo.

H Esports


Player Intros

The player intros were so good.

Iz Tha Wiz


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