Hi, I am andy machals. I'm a Berlin-based show director, creative director, and creative producer for large-scale theatrical entertainments.

I collaborate on the intersection of show theatre, performance research, and diversity cultures. Check out my portfolio below and get in touch! Let’s create what’s relevant!

Services and Skill Sets

Are you looking for someone to support on creative or art direction of your show, a show director, creative producer, or concepter?

Check out these pages and get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

Ideation & Research

Providing strategies and inspiration. Exploring unrehearsed futures.

Cultural Strategy

Rewiring the project to the wider scope of human interaction for high impact.

AI-Driven Creation

Emplyong artificial intelligence to dream up ideas no human ever could.

Show Development

Aligning technology, performances, and stage production processes.

Show Direction

Taking over the means of the stage to form an impactful whole. 

Stage Direction

Employing a scope of tools from stage management to choreography.

Creative Direction

Giving artistic purpose to the means employed.

Show Consulting

Streamlining creative  processes, tools and tactics for show creation.

Creative Production

Shaping and leading creative processes across all departments.

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News and Reviews

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