Hi, I am andy machals. I'm a Berlin-based show director, creative director, and creative producer for large-scale theatrical entertainments.

I collaborate on the intersection of show theatre, performance research, and diversity cultures. Check out my portfolio below and get in touch! Let’s create what’s relevant!

Creative Direction & Production

I navigate in a nexus of theatre arts and institutional performance in commercial and non-commercial projects. I lead & support creative teams shape the contexts that frame the artistic coordinates of magnificent shows.

Creative Consulting

Having worked across various stage genres, I am interested in designing the choreography of space, points of views, vistas, and shape the unfolding of performative narratives through materiality and time, through bodies, sounds, and emotions.

Relationships & Backgrounds

Entertainment with an academic twist. With academic & research degrees from world-leading institutions of the arts, I navigate the creative boundaries between principles of performance, storytelling & design for the stage, and critical thinking.

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