Esch2022 REMIX Festival

This show started the precursory line up of a number of events celebrating the European Capital of Culture awards of Esch (Luxemburg), which all led to the REMIX Opening in February 2022.


A dance performance with light projections.

  • Strategy

    Ramping up for the Esch 2022 Remix Opening.

  • Design

    Creative Production, Co-Stage Direction, Stage Management.

  • Client

    Battle Royal Studios & Esch2022 asbl

⬤ 01. Achievements

With this event, we bundled up with local artists and producers of music and dance, and started to re-asses the cultural treasures of the Esch2022 region through the power of music, performance, architecture, lighting, and history, as a clearly contemporary approach.

We’ve facilitated a creative process, but had artists of the Esch2022 area – Arthur Stammet and Paul Kayser of the FIMOD project, the dancers of LUCODA, and our generous hosts of St. Martin’s Church – to explore the creative questions that make up Esch2022: What does it mean for a region and its people to get on this journey from a shared past to a seemingly fractured future, and how can this process bring people together? This performance was the official start of this process, just before the Esch2022 project submission will present their outcomes during the cultural year.

The musical score was a highly complex tapestry of algorithms, rendered through a bespoke sound system. It was organised chaos – and as such very similar to the processes of co-creation. It comprised industrial sounds, steel hammering, and synthesiser sounds, it was loud, chaotic, but very visceral. The performance of the dancers is contemplative yet redeeming. It’s a journey of struggle, it’s history is loaded. But it is also full of wonder and light. This was a journey from chaos to beauty, from the granular to the monumental.

⬤ 02. Credits

Brendan Shelper
Executive Creative Director (Battle Royal Studios)


Gabriela Flores
Show Director


Andy Machals
Co-Director & Creative Producer


Chris Moylan
Light Design


Sebastian Huwig


Ky Lloyd
Production Manager

A special thanks to the St. Martin’s church of Dudelange, the musicians and composers from the FIMOD project, the choreographers and dancers of LUCODA, and the local production team of the Esch2022.

Photos by Chris Moylan, Rethink for Esch2022, Andy Machals.

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